The College building is situated on pollution free zone and college possess highly ventilated, spacious class rooms & labs.


The Library is spacious and has 3088 volumes of 455 titles. In addition there are National and International Journals and several News Papers. The Students are also provided with the facility of Internet to be able to acquire latest information on any and every topic.

  • No. of Books: 5991
  • No. of Titles: 465
  • Journals: 32
  • Magazines: 10


Access to Internet is provided in the Library and Computer lab. And have access to Internet on the systems with Wi-Fi connectivity for 24×7 hours for students.


The College has Buses to reach any part of the twin cities. The College can be reached by several Road Transport Corporation Buses which fly frequently on the route.


The Cafeteria in the College is maintained taking into consideration of all the hygienic norms required. It also caters to all the good items requested by Staff and Students at subsidizing price.


All equipments and facilities for several outdoor and indoor games are catered. Students both boys and girls can play basket -ball, throw-ball, tennis, shuttle, chess and caroms. Sports competitions are conducted annually.

Audio – Video Center

The College is making all necessary arrangements for construction of an Audio – Video Center with all the technology.